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Enterprises are quickly realizing the advantages of a unified network for voice, video, and data applications. Concurrently, wireless mobility is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to increase productivity through access to network resources from any location. As the innovative leader in wireless mobility infrastructure, Wi-Fi Hotspot is the only company to deliver secure, quality of performance for wireless voice, high capacity data, and bandwidth intensive video applications.

Wireless networking is transforming the workplace environment by delivering previously unattainable, operational efficiencies. No longer just a conference room convenience, workplace mobility is now a strategic advantage for all lines of business including operations, administration, and other business and mission critical applications. IT organizations now face a new set of challenges to meet the increasing demands of an expanding user base. Integrating telephony, high performance data, and video that support a myriad of new applications, while maintaining corporate governance and information security is essential for today’s pervasive wireless networks.

  • Scalability for high density and capacity for voice and data.

  • Extensible Architecture, ensuring future application and device requirements.

  • Complete Mobility.

  • Performance with fair access for all clients.

  • Reliable service for the wired-like experience.

  • Secure air and access to protect business-critical data.

  • Plug-and-play interoperability with existing wired infrastructure and clients.

  • Dramatically reduced cost and complexity of deployment and management.

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