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For Residential Complex
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Our technology can be deployed in big, medium and small size residential complexes covering entire rooms, community halls, park, lawns, terrace, swimming pools and much more area. The technology enabled anyone with a wireless connection to quickly set up, can connect to the office Intranet and VPN. Your Residential Complex customers will be able to make savings, as no installation cost, no technical staff are required to aid the set-up cost. Your customers can access High Speed Internet (more than a Broadband) connection. It requires no drilling of holes in the walls or tenant disruptive running of cables. For buildings with existing Ethernet-based connectivity, the only additional pieces of hardware required are the access devices. Instead of rewiring each unit for better connectivity, you can choose a wireless technology that is faster, more reliable and easier to install.

You can begin to offer residents access in the club house, on the course, in their homes, and by the pool creating a completely ubiquitous wireless environment. No need for visits to individual units for installation or confusing setups.

Property managers and owners who are looking for ways to make their complex standout can turn to Wi-Fi Hotspot Wireless for assistance in designing, planning, and building a unique community that today's tenants are demanding.

Benefits of offering high-speed Internet access at your property:

 • Generate additional revenue by charging tenants for high-speed Internet access.

 • Sell advertising space on your private web space.

 • Increase tenant satisfaction.

 • Differentiate your property from the competition.

 • Create your own web space or "splash page" that each tenant is directed to when they first login.

 • Provide tenants with location-specific information, such as building and security information.

 • Offer incentives for tenants to use on-site services, either through on-screen promotions or coupons with tie-ins to building services.

 • Internet access faster than Broadband connection using the latest technology.

 • Ability to stay connected no matter where they are located on the property.

 • Ability to connect to a Corporate Network securely through a VPN.


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